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See that girl kneeling next to the bookshelf in the library? She's whispering the book titles to herself. That's me. Back away slowly, and then run.

8 AM, June 25

August 13, 2019

    I step out of my apartment, coffee in hand, and close the door behind me. Then, realizing I had forgotten my purse, I turn around again. And scream. And drop my coffee all over my (new!) white blouse.
    There is. A dead cat. Nailed. To my door. 
    I glance down the hallway. Empty. No, wait, there's a door opening down towards the end. A man in a dark suit steps out.
    "Please-" I call, and he turns, stares at me. Sighing, I take a step towards him. "Could you-"
    But he whirls around, turns the corner, and is gone.


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