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"people often reveal their true colours when they are held accountable for their actions; there are those who want to make amends and improve their behaviour and those who don't."
- amalia costa (wtw alum)

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can't believe how many amazing pieces there were in august. brilliant work guys!

please for the love of the gods, don't review this.

august 2019 wtw highlights

September 8, 2019


seeing as this month had the occurrence of the flash fiction competition, there were a multitude of pieces that lent themselves to being included in this list. see if you can pick one out that you remember!

rainandsonder's fragments of flashes of vignettes
october: reject your circadian rhythm; never let the elongated nights pull you down. don't drown don't drown. chase the remnants of sunlight like a hound on a trail that never ends.

rainandsonder's like the dark has opened its maw and now i can see its teeth
and there, the moon like the last sliver of light through the keyhole before the dark opens its great maw and begins to feast

oscar_locke's garden of the hesperides
atrophied, an apple tree 
her roots are rowan, are red 
the starving of soil 
to keep giving in end

oscar_locke's an exorcism
quiet as god 
like the psalm on your palms

ghostlyglory's this night
like a church sermon, a half-written gospel,  
a bloody rite of teenage passage, a promise un-promised and  
I like to pray to you, lick the feet of a god, drown in a shadow.

ghostlyglory's cloud
My eyes saw clouds, cumulonimbus; we shouldn't have been in the water.
    ghostlyglory is more talented than words can say; poetry, prose, she can do it all. brilliant style that focuses on real-life events with a type of everyday magic that leaves you breathless. even with so few words she can convey such an ineffable emotion that would ordinarily be intangible. i sincerely recommend you read her previous pieces, even though i can't technically include them here.

agustdv's n a n a
my grandfather had a flowing 
    white beard, snowy skin, wrinkled like time stopped in a beloved book 
my little hands could never reach up to 
him, tall, like a lamp-post, a light house 
happy sailors yearning to inch 


agustdv's c l o s e r
The footpaths smile, brick and bone monstrosity, I am small; Lilliputian in pain.

she's-got-a-story's gravité
"Martin, If I jump out, will I fall up or down?" 
"Down, into the sky."

    elle's returned!! and i'm so glad she has. her writing is splendid and minimalistic - sometimes simplicity outweighs the need for over-truncated sentences and flowery imagery. i love elle's descriptions of the most mundane and unusual things, and sincerely hope she's come back to work her magic on this site for as long as possible.

aryelee's don't worry kid, you won't last long now
My grandmother's ghost keeps singing. I pretend to sleep for another night.

aryelee's a melody of tree rings
until the end lays you to rest, 
you rest between the roots of the largest tree in the forest 
and listen to it whisper. 

aryelee's twisting intricacies of two mother tongues
even my own father, confident in his whiteness, his privilege, 
tells me to study the language I've spoken since birth, 
the language he doesn't know, 
as if I hadn't cried and spoken in whispers and shouts, 
as if I hadn't fought to keep my mother's language close to my chest, 
as if I hadn't been looked down on enough yet. 

ali s' we dream of the deep
We are baptised in salt water. 
The seabed gives each of us a new name 
as a siren's long-lost daughter.
    ali s is another new face on write the world, pieces short and sweet, full of imagery that consistently suits the theme the piece is focusing on. with all the allusions to the greek in this piece, is it any wonder it called to me? i'm interested in seeing what ali will write next.

eaurora's at the close
But for now the house stands empty once again, a heart still beating firmly against the fading sunlight.

pouringoutthesun's memories build the bridges to new homes
He steps across my memories like they’re standing stones in a shallow river. On occasion, he hits the water and I swear, I see the apocalypse.

pouringoutthesun's that doesn't belong to you
You take more steps and start leaving imprints in the moss. This isn’t even your dream. Please don’t make a mess. 

pouringoutthesun's ever heard of a world trying harder just for you?
A glimpse of a smile from the corner of her eye and Aurelion swells with pride, creating new valleys when she raises the earth in victory.

loveletterstosappho's skinny-dipping
The lake's surface reflects blurry constellations and you are already anticipating your body slicing through Ursa Major and sending thrills rippling through you; cold, invigorating.
    another old face returning to us! perhaps her brief return is only for the competition, but sappho's writing is truly something to behold, in every form. don't let her number of published pieces fool you, sappho's writing is of true quality that's hard to find in these times, lyrical style and emotive language abundant. if you're a lover of myth, sappho's another staple, along with the aforementioned pouringoutthesun and aryelee.

scripturience's every story has a beginning, a middle, and an end (and where are we?)
we learn to whisper, and we do so through cave-paintings and carved-rock calendars and animal hunting and discovering fire.
    scripturience is a relatively new addition to write the world, but already she's proved herself a skilled artisan of words, and the perfect turn of phrase to suit some of the more challenging site-mandated prompts. not to mention, she gives great reviews. (thanks erica!)

marsan's anatomy of the table
The table is made of dark mahogany, with carved chrysanthemum running up its legs and silver outlining the sides. It is the strength, the soul, the history of the house. It breathes dust and talks on quiet nights.

marsan's symbol of power and death
They used to call us Balam and we were symbols of power and death.​

marsan's walmart fae
It's under the white fluorescent lights of Walmart, that Willow became sure that her new roommate wasn't entirely human. It was the little things, really. For instance, he was a bit too clever. Always an answer at the tip of his tongue, never running out of words. And yet, she didn't even know his last name. 

jengelman's a love which forgets
is there a love which forgets?
a love, which 
so often reminds me i am shallow, 
a fragmented narrative structure. 
a love which 
is adored like broken wrists, 
thick thighs 
like winter’s sun. 

     jengelman's poetry is out of this world, puts emotions in your chest that you didn't think existed until you read their words, and then when you try to articulate it, there are no words to explain. just abstract longing and milo left untouched on the kitchen table. jengelman is arguably one of the most talented poets on this site, the quality of their work is unreal.

astrobhbe's what they did wrong
i think my mother is a whale 
singing through its split stomach,   
my mother is a warship, 
i think my father is a harpoon,  
a black rock 
jutting from the sea.

astrobhbe's my kind of story
scene one:  
this is your kind of story. no one is the good guy-  
no one is the bad guy-  
the blame shifts from monster to monster  
and in this place everyone bares their teeth.

    astrobhbe!! your pieces blew me completely out of the water and i simply had to include them. another wtw newbie, astrobhbe has managed to hone their craft even in the short time that they've been here, the quality of their writing ever increasing. in their pieces, all of your expectations will be shattered, every reality will be tested. a brilliant poet with potential i haven't seen in a long time.

ruthh's the moon & her judas
I heard a gospel today; she was here.  
Among the pews, drenched in holy water, 
the communion wine staining her lips 
tears of blood a miracle on her cheeks.

    big thanks to r|a|i|n for recommending this piece - i can't believe it slipped through my grasp! ruthh is (or was, time seems to have changed things since i left and returned) a relatively well-known writer on this site, and her work has improved tremendously since she started. this was a brilliant response to an official prompt, and i strongly recommend you go read other pieces on her profile as well.

r|a|i|n's pondering nihilism with the devil by your side!
i ​met the devil one afternoon.  he didn't look like much.  he told me i looked very pretty.  i told him thank you, although you couldn't expect much from someone who had no looks at all.
    r|a|i|n is a relatively new talent on this site, but then again, maybe my months are slipping together. the composition of their words and ideas makes you think that they've been here much longer, and yet, with only 18 pieces, they've gathered a considerable following. excellent poetic style, i sincerely recommend spamming their notifications.

dmoral13's at last, she had burned into rebirth.
She had become our time. Or rather, we had become her's.
    special thanks to aryelee for recommending this gem! through all times, i've never been able to think of a good enough narrative for the beginish prompt, but dmoral blew it out of the water. such clear fantasy elements, and an engaging premise, i'd highly recommend giving this piece a read!

milktea's the little blue house
“Why, this wasn’t here yesterday, was it?” She questioned, tracing her finger along the edges of the baby’s markings. The silver around his eye had an almost luminescent glow that reminded Delia of the slippery scales of a koi fish. Then, she saw the black splotches by his wrist. Dark magic.
    milktea is a newcomer to write the world, and yet their first piece is likely one of the longest on this site. don't let the word count fool you, once you delve into this charming narrative, you will fall in love with delia and elio and the fantastical world that they live in. (this decision could be biased on my love for witches, but no matter.)

congratulations to all of august's amazing writers! all of these pieces are worth a read, a like, and a comment if you feel so inclined (and you should), and i'd suggest checking out other pieces of mentioned authors as well. hope this brings a little more recognition to those who deserve it. and if you found something you absolutely loved in this piece, tell them anha sent you!
if you're confused about why some pieces have been included, i'm working from the australian timezone (+10 UTC), so the times at which some pieces were posted were within the month of august (technically, since we're disregarding the american clock on the site).

to see personal comments about previously mentioned writers, see july's highlights.
july's highlights contain pieces from: and more!


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