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I`m a high school graduate and I`ve been thinking about going to collage to be an author. I got this site from one of my favorite teachers, Mrs.Foreman. I`m just trying to see if writing is the right place for me.

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Tell me if something is wrong with my writing. I can take it and it`ll only make my writing better. I just need to know what to fix before I can fix it

Future Freedom

April 19, 2016

             This is the hardest thing to do for most of the people in this small group. I know they're tired and hungry but we can't stop. If we stop, people could die, and no one has ever died on one of my trips. I can't let anyone die.
            “Continue or turn back. If we stop we could risk everything and the police will not hesitate to kill every last one of us. Now if you want freedom we must keep moving,” I said and my hushed voice seemed to bring them back into reality.
            The reality is that this isn’t war that we are in. This is a retreat from the horrible lives they were forced to live. Among this group I see the one woman I was sent to find.
             As we make our way to the north I get to know her and smile as she makes me sure of who she is. When we make it into one of the towns that we could hide in. This was one of the easy parts for our journey because I have memorized every safe house to get busted on the underground railroad.
          Once we find one of the safe houses I settle into the corner with the woman. She was exhausted but she knew that we had to talk. This talk would set history into motion and I was the only one who knew that. This was something on my list that needed fixed anyways.
          “Harriet would you be okay with taking this operation over after this,” I ask her softly.
          “Why would you choose me out of all the men that could do this better,” she asks me.
          “Because I know you can be great and you will always get the willing slaves to safety,” I smile at her.
          “I would risk anything to free all slaves,” She replies and I take her hand.
          “This will be my last trip to the north and I’m leaving you to save them. Can you do that for me,” I ask
          “Of course,” she yawns
          “Thank you. You can sleep now,” I smile as she drifts off.
          I don’t go to sleep right away. For a few hours after they all go to sleep I gather everything that we were given by the nice family that is hiding us away. The families spared what they could. A lot of the time it was just water along with beans and a few boxes of crackers. This family had actually managed to get us some beef jerky. The meat is the most valuable thing that a family could give and I had to thank them in the morning. I put it all into a sack that could be carried easily. Once I finish I lay in an empty spot and drift to sleep.
        The family lets us stay for two days before we get back on our journey. Our next stop is in Michigan which is almost two days away without a stop. We can make it because this is nothing compared to the long days they worked as slaves. Harriet stays by my side throughout the walk and talks to me about what to do once this is over.
        We finally reach the safe house and settle in for the night. I let everyone sleep while I pack up again. This family gives us less supplies but that’s only because are less than a day away. I sleep soundly and as my last night in this year goes smoothly. The night goes by without a problem. I wake up first  and get the people ready.
     This will be the last time I get any of them ready because once we cross the border to Canada Harriet will take them to the next town. This will not be her last time in the United States. In fact she’ll be back here at least a thousand more times. She will save millions of people in her lifetime. All she needed was this little nudge. The nudge of a stranger that saved her from slavery.
       We finally get to the border and she turns to me with a smile. “Thank you for making a difference. Not just in slavery but in my life” She hugs me.
       “It’s what I was born to do” I smile back at her.
       They start to walk away and I just watch until I can’t see them. Then I pull my sleeve up and press a button on my watch. I close my eyes and when I open them again I’m laying in my room. I get up and walk to the bulletin board in my room.
        “You did perfect Harriet Tubman” I smile as I pin her picture to the almost full board.
         I glance down at my list and try to find the next name. This is one of my favorite missions. Harriet was one of the best people in a world of hate and she was a good friend for the short time I knew her. I just know she got a good story even if It was hard.
        I’m glad they picked her because she was a great person. She was also my ancestor but that isn’t why they chose her. They chose her because she worked hard and wanted everyone to be free.
      I begged to go on this mission and my best friend even gave it to me once he got it. He knew how important it was to me. My ancestors were in slavery for almost a century but you wouldn’t know that by looking at me. My tan skin made people second guess me because I’m not black like my ancestors. My father is black and my mother is white causing me to be lighter.
     I walk to the assignment station and the woman hands me a mission. This mission is to get Lincoln to become president. I know I can do this and it will be my biggest mission yet.

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