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Hi, I'm Katie.
I'm 16 years old and a 110% fangirl. I'm also a sports girl doing football, netball, rounders etc. every week.
The job I will pursue, once I leave school, is a car engineer; however I dream to become an Author. I'll always write, I'll never stop writing. It's my dream to publish.

Is It Magic?

April 19, 2016

PROMPT: Everyday Magic

   We danced on into the night. We are only friends yet he cares so much about me. We held each other like there was no tomorrow, yet we are only friends.
   Ben ran away just a few days ago leaving me helpless. I love him so much. At least he didn't leave me alone, right? He left me with Rhys, Rhys is such a good friend - I don't deserve him. Ben left because he got stressed, it maybe that he couldn't leave his family behind but he's doing it for the greater good.
   So now I dance with Rhys. Step by step we dance. He holds me tight against him with the occasional spin here and there. He doesn't always spin me, he spins himself. As soon as he see's a smile on my face he starts to let me go further and further until I'm dancing on my own, on my own two feet. However, he's still holding me closer than ever. He knows I'm upset about Ben but Ben left me helpless.
  As the music gets to the chorus Rhys spins me again and again until I trip over my own two feet. Falling into him, he catches me and we both laugh. This is the first time we've laughed since Ben left. Is there still hope?
   I place my head on his shoulder and moves gently and cautiously in time with the music. He holds me up so I don't fall back down. I sigh a little and he whispers, "It'll be okay. Ben will come back. Everything will be fine, trust me."
   I lifted my head to face him as soon as he said trust, I knew he was right. I laid my head back on his shoulder and closed my eyes, holding in the tears.

   The next morning, I opened my eyes to see the blazing sun through a gap in the tent. I awoke to find Rhys not there but calling my name, "Katie!" I sat up and slipped on my shoes. As I stood I found that I still wore my clothes from yesterday, I must have fallen asleep and Rhys must have put me to bed last night. I walked outside and looked up to Rhys, covering my eyes from the sun. In front of me stood two figures, it must have been a dream. A tall dark haired boy stood next to him. My eyes stared and looked the figure up and down. As my eyes adjusted I saw the thin face and the cheek bones that could cut through a rock. The visible scar on his left arm and the clothes he wore were familiar. It was Ben.
   I walked towards him then froze, "Benjamin! Why did you leave? You ungrateful little...!"
   I then stormed back into the tent angry but pleased of his return. Why should I be angry of his return? How did he find us? We had moved base countless times and no way of contact. How? Is it magic?


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