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"people often reveal their true colours when they are held accountable for their actions; there are those who want to make amends and improve their behaviour and those who don't."
- amalia costa (wtw alum)

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july 2019 wtw highlights

August 12, 2019


oscar_locke's jaw song
the wounds 
wet with whispers 
as your face 
shadows dawn.

oscar_locke's carroll poem 1
of winds wynrun, deathly 
we are watchers; vargolt gods 
mountain top

oscar_locke's persephone
the trees hold us there 
your skin bare on black oak 
every fir outstretched  
cavernous, bridal 
the conifers call out  
as birds fill the air, 
forked tails, tongued 
flute songs and love 
get lost in the woods 
just to hear you again

oscar_locke's sontag poem
like christ, a cornfield, a phoenix, bonfires, the taste of rye...
    oscar's signature style - profound, lyrical and resonating with something more than human - is acknowledged on write the world, but not as much as it should be - despite having over a hundred followers, the likes and comments he receives on his pieces doesn't reflect this number at all.

agustdv's refugee
the mosques wail incomprehensibly; 
god is detached, god is being called 
to, god oh god, 
save us, save us, save us
we have long since gone past 
the ironic intricacies surrounding 
our places of worship.

agustdv's hourglass
but the world is smiling haphazardly today, teeth and stones and hurricanes sung along, folklore and wisps of a dwindling pipe dream.

agustdv's gutters
hymn, hymn, humming into the skull.

agustdv's d r e a m s
my tongue is on fire; me and my vitriolic words, spewing at you like bone and tissue for sacrifice.
    agustdv is a phenomenal writer, expert use of semicolons in almost all of their pieces, and a write the world veteran. the themes they cover in their writing are heart-wrenching and splendidly tackled through their use of metaphors and other analogies.

marsan's gold and indigo
We're both intruders in this Manet painting of a night, holding onto the smallest piece of eternity.
    though marsan is new to write the world, this piece caught my attention immediately with the beautiful imagery in it's first line, "the pier shines in gold and indigo as the Levi lake swallows stars." their sense of style and cleverly woven sentences can place marsan among some of the write the world veterans.

surly wombat's salt to the sea
raging ocean and aphrodite's fury from above; water against the windows, tangled sails, tangled hands, tangled clothes.

surly wombat's how to breathe in space
string the earth, jupiter, uranus, mars together, braid them into your hair, listen to the cacophony as they shatter at the cores. 

surly wombat's gold roses
gild your fingertips as your lips turn blue, and pour liquid gold down your aching throat to put out the fire in your lungs.
    surly wombat is (or used to be, back when i first arrived) a well known presence on write the world, and their writing is no exception. this piece is short but full of emotions and convoluted imagery that most poets would take many more lines to explore. but sw is satified with simplicity, and that enduring trait enhances their writing to the nth degree.

pouringoutthesun's the only thing i'm certain of is that i want to feel a younger star's light across my eyelids
Or maybe, just maybe, I’ve spent too long gliding my hands across paper and across marble, cutting my feet on sharpened glory as I watch the sun curl its way into the sky because it’s still so certain that down below on earth, gods walk the land and they’re aching for something new.

pouringoutthesun's death is nothing if unexpected
“Don’t die all milky & white in a field of flowers because you tried to run.”

pouringoutthesun's apollo? hold him gently.
“There’s Icarus,” you would whisper in my ear, “do you think he will be so gold in the murk of the sea?” And I laugh, if only politely because you’re making light of what is to be your own fate.
    gods, how i love the greek mythos. pouringoutthesun is notorious for brilliant short stories to do with fantastical elements and mythological tragedy, and convoluted titles are never ridiculous or pretentious when placed before her pieces. she's an absolutely brilliant author, and loves the greeks almost as much as i do.

aryelee's the making of the queen's best sword and shield
And when she kisses you again, you lean into it, into her, and fall headfirst into this tragedy in the making.
    aryelee is sapphic fiction extraordinaire; if you don't believe me, read her stuff! this slow burn story of a princess and a knight embodies what love should be - learning from each other and supporting your partner in adversity and in doubt. her style is simplistic, yet leaves you satisfied and with an intense sense of longing - yes, she mostly write star-crossed lovers. (also another greek mythology lover)

jasmine_k's heritage
A coarse flour sack 
Nǎinai, grandmother 
sticks her hand inside 
feeling, hoping for something to eat 
she takes out the last handful of rice 
shoves it in her mouth to chew 
for a moment she remembers what 
it feels like to be full

    i think i've admired jasmine's piece from about december, because of her deeply culturally influenced pieces and how she voices everything from my childhood and adolescence that told me to assimilate to the social norm surrounding me. jasmine is a writer i highly recommend for the asian experience.

saunteredvaguelydownwards' hubris
We are not broken, we are fragments of the moment, mended by sunbursts and ostentatious marble.
    this is svd's only piece on the sit so far, but it's a brilliant start. sensational imagery and a celestial theme, this piece caught my eye and i was entranced. it's only a pity that they haven't published any other pieces other than this one.

_blue's tie a rope
why am i one 
of the fallen, broken angels 
hand in hand with the likes 
of lucifer, dancing around  
a throne of melted bones and 
shattered, glass memories

_blue's red ribbons and spider webs
built, just to be struck by a 
quick end, with the snipping of 
their all too short ribbon by 
the scissors of the fates, an eye 
shared between three spiders 
weaving the fate of human 

    blue has a long history with the site, but it'd be best not to go into it here. recently, blue's poetry has expanded to new horizons and i've been thoroughly impressed with what they've written. heavy themes with effective metaphors and literary allusions, blue's craft is not to be underestimated...even if they don't have the most followers.

eaurora's may morning
now, she fears, 
it is too late: her bones creak with the 
weight of stories untold and she feels 
her years leak on like a ship halting 
into the night.

    eaurora is a write the world veteran in the purest sense of the word - she's been here almost as long as this site's bloody inception. and yet her poetry continues to appear on our dashboards, full of emotionally evocative language and vignette-like descriptions of the mundane, turning them magical.

rainandsonder's i've been standing with a doomsday sign so long, i have to be right eventually
well, i'm not even half a poet but i know 
the end of the world, and it has a 
bleeding papaya sun and a sea with clenched 
salt claws.

raindandsonder's /əˈtərnədē/
we're all reaching out here. telephone 
pole crosses and praying hills, a 
stooped atlas with begging knees and 
bent back, and how we grasp at a 
california sky.

    rainandsonder is one of the driving forces on this site; it seems like they took up the mantle of resident amazing writer after paperbird's unfortunate departure. with insightful commentary on the modern world, and chilling descriptions on what is or what could be, their writing is always impeccably crafted. not to mention they give brilliant feedback.

artificialaorta's start by the end
His eyes are open, pupils blown up like he's trying to fit the whole night sky in him.
    artificialaorta, gods, artificialaorta. absolute genius of a writer. i've never seen anyone else who can do what they can with words and a little bit of time. even though they wrote this a long time ago (and definitely not this month) i suggest you read "gay pirates" for a true understanding of the dedication this lovely person has to writing amazing stories.
long story short, i've decided to start promoting my favourite pieces, so authors who truly deserve likes and feedback get some recognition. i'll try to make a piece every month, since it's easier to estimate than every week. if you have a piece you wrote this month that you think belongs in this highlight, leave me a comment, and i might include it.

i'll make another piece closer to the end of this month asking for pieces you think were phenomenal in your books during the month of august. i'll take comments on that piece into consideration, but ultimately, i will still be deciding what makes it into the list or not. no hard feelings.


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