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Yet another stupid poem with no real format!!! I know y’all must hate me by now lol...

Loose Myself

August 10, 2019


So I tried 

I tried to walk to your house 
Flowers in hand 
Each step felt like forever 
Each house was blurred in my eyes

I wandered 

Walking, trying to remember
The name of your street 
The color of your walls
The number of the windows 

I couldn’t remember 

All I could see 
was it was on the corner 
the right corner 
And so I kept walking 

I couldn’t find my way home 

I just knew you were near me 
I was ready just to see 
To see your face through the window 
But it was night time now 

And then I realized 

When I was walking back
Red hot tears streaming down my cheeks 
“The only way I can find you,
Is if I loose myself...”


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  • Anne Blackwood

    Yes I know I went way too far back in your writing to be normal (but you know I'm far from normal), but since I just joined WTW this is the only way to read a bunch of your work.
    Anyway! I love this piece. As Phia said, this has a beautiful story, and I love the vibe.

    about 1 year ago
  • The Campbell's Kid

    Thanks so much I will do just that!

    over 1 year ago
  • Phia

    Wow this is good! How is this even stupid or format-less? I really like the details, the flow of description and thought, and especially the single lines that really maintain movement in the poem. One thing you might want to change is that there is a whole story arc here, and that's probably when "you" couldn't be found and "I" was stuck alone, and you could probably dramatize or point out the place a little, or whatever other spot you had in mind. But I really like the thoughts here that were pretty relatable and deep. The ending is really brilliant.

    over 1 year ago