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Not This

August 10, 2019


Leave me your compassion, 
I am but an egg among brothers in a carton.
I've been here so long, 
Trees have begun to seal me in.
I imagine the stars so close and so inumerable that you can't see the dark.
It was sort of like this but not this.
When I say rest in peace,
I mean it. 
The idea is too abstract,
A feeling only felt
And never seen.
Leave me be,
I am but a balloon among enemies in a Subway.
You've been here before.
So many times that you don't remember.
Like a heartbeat, that way,
And I am the electricity.
I imagined the world so big if you walked, and walked, and walked, you could never come home.
It was sort of like this but not this.
When I say happy birthday,
I mean it.
Doordash me your forgiveness, for I never check the mail,
I'm just an empty seat in an empty theatre,
No one's here but the ghosts.
I'm writing love letters in the dust of your windshield
The only problems are the wind and the shield.
You're here, but you don't know it.
Neither of us can hear each other's screams if only one of us is in a coma.
Tag me in the pictures with no one in them
All the sticky notes you left for yourself end up here,
Building the walls that sealed me in.
A styrofoam cup still warm, balance perfectly on the tallest mountain of an uninhabited planet
And a message from me:
It was sort of like this but not this. 


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  • Loser

    Rather eclectic, but your imagery and metaphors for whatever you speak of are so unique! I appreciate that you do not use trite phrases or cliches.

    10 months ago
  • A Certain Type of Decisive

    What is it about? Your guess is as good as mine. Metaphorically it's up to you and I'd love to hear anyone's ideas, but I just see this stuff in my head and mean it literally, to some degree. Some of it was about guardian angels, but don’t let me influence your interpretation.

    over 1 year ago
  • taz.jh

    Wow! It's so abstract and I love the emotion! What is this talking about?

    over 1 year ago