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He’s crazy for her

By: Destbrat

The girl next door made him crazy. Despite
her not not even being aware of his existence, it was her beautiful ignorance, that made him desire her even more.

Her laugh was more addictive than any drug on the market. Her cheeks rosy and warm in even the coldest of rooms. Her skin angelically smooth. Her hair always gorgeously bouncy, even while she slept. She breathed softly and quietly, her lips closed. He stood over her, brushing his hand over her unconscious body. Her scream made him absolutely euphoric.

Sitting in his cell he longed for her.


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Peer Review

I thought it was a love story

The writer made it seem as if it was just a common love story. Ending it with possibly a psychopath or a stalker in jail.


It's wonderful.There is the mood of desperation for the girl.

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