Sasha K. Lotnikee

United States

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Long Lost Faith

May 3, 2014

Flashback ten years ago. We were together, so close everyone thought we were sisters. We did everything with each other, nobody ever saw me without seeing you. We were what people called friends. But slowly, you started drifting away. Your blue eyes which once shown with eagerness had lost its excitement. It gleamed with selfishness. You were always with your own group of people, excluding me. I felt ignored. Pain shot through me as I saw you walking with somebody else to school. It was never me. I thought our bondage would never occur again.

Ten years into the present. I slid into the taxi cab and paid my fare.

"The airport?" He asked, taking my money.

"Yes. Quickly." I nodded. A few moments later, we screeched to a stop. I frowned.

"I asked for a quick ride. Why are we stopping now?" I asked the taxi driver. He didn't respond, but let the woman in the cab. She was tall, with tan skin. Her hair was curly chestnut brown. I looked into her eyes. They were blue. My mind dug into bittersweet memories of years ago. I stared at you intently. But you didn't stare back.

"Faith, is that you?"

Your sapphire eyes glanced up. They first flashed with surprise, than softened immediately.


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