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I'd love to know what you guys think! I really tried to capture the emotion of helpless pining in a single moment. How did I do?

Never Enough

September 17, 2019

“They ran off together.” My hands gripped the steering wheel as I glanced at her.
Windows down, the last breaths of summer danced in her hair.
“Imagine that,” she hummed.
“Running away together,” she laughed, elbowing me. My breath hitched.
“Although, kinda unrealistic,” she turned to the sunset. “Shakespearean, even.”
I wondered if our closeness made only my cheeks flush. “Yeah,” I forcibly looked back to the highway. “Unrealistic.”
“Now, if I HAD to succumb to romantic fantasies,” she declared, “I’d run off with myself.” Her laughter made it hard to breathe.
“Would you really?”
She regarded me with gleeful wisdom. “Who could take care of me better than I can?”
I clenched the wheel tighter, knuckles trembling. “Yeah,” I gasped. “No one.”
I wrote this in a longer version and it was  B R I L L I A N T and I had to try to shorten it. But I couldn't quite get it to 99 words >.<


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  • BurningMidnightOil did you do? This is so eloquently written. The amount of emotion and rawness that you managed to pack in is unbelievable. However, I have one suggestion, instead of capitalising the entirety of “had”, you should italicise it instead. Quite liked it; I would love to read the full version. Well done!

    10 months ago
  • Kthrasher5

    Wow this is SOOOO good!! <3 <3

    10 months ago