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Hi, I'm Katie.
I'm 17 years old and a 110% fangirl. I'm also a sports girl doing football, netball, rounders etc. every week.
The job I will pursue, once I leave school, is a publisher or editor; however I dream to become an Author. I'll always write, I'll never stop writing. It's my dream to publish.

My Opinion, My Story

April 19, 2016

I know I'm a girl and I'll say it out loud. I'm proud to be, I'm proud to be a girl.

I'll admit sports is my passion: football, netball, anything sport that pleases me. Piano is my chosen instrument I'm going into grade 3, I enjoy writing fanfic and writing anything down. But what does this have to do with my opinion?

Well... I hang around with guys who play sports and are popular yet they hang around me in a stingy library. I'm not popular but at least I know I've got people looking out for me. I know a lot of people, who I call friends (and they ARE MY friends), that are different sexualities. It gets under my skin when people don't except others just because they're not popular or different to the 'average' person. Yet what is average? Is there such a thing?

I believe in a world where people can be themselves, no one judging and no bullies around. It's hard when you move to big school where it is all different. Three years in and I'm still trying to fit in. My best friends became "popular" and I made friends with those who were there for me, who care about me. My "popular" friends love to start a fight, they don't care about anyone but themsleves. It hurts to see them becoming people I will never be because they are horrible people. They don't accept people like me though they tell me they care. As the years go on, I find out who actually cares about me. Those who care about me, I care about them. They are like me yet they are so far off me, I love all my close mates because they accept me for me.

I lie to so many to make them like me. The lies carry on forever, they will never end. 
I've just put my emotions into this piece of writing. It's just about fitting into schools as a person, as me. Some may know what its like but I expect most won't. It's just who I am. This is my opinion on life as it is to me. This is how I see life at my Grammar School. By the way I'm from the UK so this may not be what your school is like or how it is put into years etc. Thank you.


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