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I go by Marie on the internet, I'm sixteen years old, but I've spent the last three years of my life roleplaying obsessively, and I think it shows because my characters' speech patterns leak into the narration half the time. I'm bad at leaving reviews, but I want to at least get some of my work out there in case something happens to me, so I'm hanging out around here.


August 15, 2019

It was a Spring day.  A man stood at a crosswalk.
A pair of students hurried down the street.  One of them tripped and fell, but he only watched.
It was Summer.  The man was still there.
An outgoing, bombastic girl attempted to converse with him.  He froze before he could say two words.
Then came Fall.
Children flooded the streets, asking for candy.  He didn’t have any. By the time he went to buy some, they were all gone.
A woman walked through, tripping on the sidewalk.  He helped her up. She smiled before leaving.
“Thank you.”

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