Peer Review by Victoria Martin (Canada)

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It's Either Kill Or Be Killed

By: Imogenyoung

A child fell from the top of the mountain into some yellow flowers. The child stood up and looked around, its gaze was met by another creature. It appeared to be a sunflower though it had a face and spoke to the child. The child went closer to it only to be attacked. Fortunately for the child another figure appeared and led them further into the ruins. The creature spoke "you must be lost, let me help yo-". Its sentence was cut short as it felt a sharp pain in its back."It's either kill or be killed down here".

Message to Readers

Say what you want to say.

Peer Review

I like how each situation within the story flows,I found that interesting.It compels the reader to finish.

In the last few sentences I felt that the idea was presented was quite creative and well done.

I know that within flash fiction you can't go much into to detail but I would like to know why the child fell from the mountain,just a bit odd without an explanation. Also where did you get the inspiration for this piece?

Read this aloud and over and over again to be sure you like the way everything sounds and flows within the piece.

Reviewer Comments

Good luck in the competition :)