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Scotch Broth

By: Victoria Martin

I remember my mums scotch broth or scrumptious scotch soup she would say to us as we would warm ourselves up in the bitter cold of a Canadian winter. "This soup is flavoured not with fancy spices or anything of that sort. This is the taste of your heritage, of the good times we had." She would say this to me in a Celtic lilting melody that blessed her voice. Now I make my own special scotch broth. Instead it burns the back of my throat, it keeps out the cold. They served both at her funeral.

Peer Review

The "scotch broth" intrigued me, because I've never had "scotch broth", or even heard of it, and I wanted to know more about what it is, and why the speaker's mother would make it.

Obviously, the last line raises a lot of questions for the reader. There are also a lot of things left unsaid about the speaker's Celtic heritage. The scotch broth encompasses a lot of ideas that are only hinted at.

I was confused as to why the speaker lived in Canada, even though her mother was Celtic. This is mentioned only briefly, and I'd like to know a little more about why she moved to Canada.

I like the quality of recollection in this poem. It feels like the reader is in the speaker's head, and it drifts from memory to memory, and the way it drifts reveals something about the speaker. Keep that quality!

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