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By: Fatima M

Under the stars, she holds my hand as I rest against the open window.
" Do you love me?" I ask, tears running down my cheeks. 
She avoids my eyes, looking everywhere but at me.
Slowly, she takes her hand out of mine. Using both hands, she pushes at my shoulders, hard.
I'm falling now. I reach out for her hand, she does the same. Our fingertips touch, a quick kiss before gravity pulls on me, hard. 
Eyes emotionless, she looks down at me:" I did." 
As I fall, I think: I fell for her again, hard. 

Message to Readers

I'd really appreciate anything that'll help me improve my piece :)

Peer Review

I was immediately captivated by the imagery of the first sentence.

I naturally assume that the two characters are lovers.

Not really, no.

It's a rather emotional story, and if that's what you want to write, you did a very good job of it.

Reviewer Comments

Inexplicably hearing "Die for You" by Starset in the background of this scene.