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A Lost Letter

By: The Dreamer

Dear Professor Bates,
I leant against the door. Three voices – the third wasn't human. One was booming, one smooth and another - screeching. Someone declared, “Ella sal die kaap terug gee aan die Nederlandse!” 
 Remember what I taught you, Professor?!
 Finally the strange voice spoke. I caught the last word: perfect. How I shivered! I fled.
I write to you now, John, with every hope that you may receive this. I’m afraid I will not be returning. I trust you know what to do.
You have been a better friend to me than I deserved….
I love you...

Message to Readers

Hello there, I am back! This is my first flash fiction, so any feedback is welcome.
Please tell me what you think, and take time to review.

Peer Review

The title really lured me in. I have a lot of questions now, but thats good. One of which is... Did the letter ever get to John Bates? I mean it is called A Lost Letter.

The launguage made me really want to translate it. Can it even be translated? Was it just gibberish? I think it means All shall die at (terug) (gee) and die Netherlands or Ella Sal the cat intrudes the and the Netherlands?! Nice job on the launguage. Its really mysterious and thats what a Flash Fiction is.

I had trouble finding any confusing spots. Nice job. :)

I really loved this piece. You understand what a flash fiction is really about so great job. I can't wait to read more of your work.

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