Peer Review by Jesus Chapa-Loya (United States)

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By: she’s-got-a-story

Martin from French IV stands like a stalactite. Why are we on the ceiling of my old bedroom? The last time I saw him or that house was sophomore year, but we're here, right-side-down and together, just left of the ceiling fan. 
"Are you St. Peter?" 
"I'm afraid of heights."
This isn't height; it's descent. I'm sure, now. Soon the room will start to melt upwards, and I will wake in sterility sans Martin. Unless those purple-curtained windows really are the Gates. 
"Martin, If I jump out, will I fall up or down?"
"Down, into the sky."

Peer Review

The title really drew me in.

The way you used gravity put a couple of interesting questions in my mind.

I was confused around the St. Peter part, but maybe that's just a lack of knowledge on my part.

You used what you had at your disposal well. You seem very creative. I hope you keep writing.

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