Peer Review by annaocxo (Ireland)

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By: she’s-got-a-story

Martin from French IV stands like a stalactite. Why are we on the ceiling of my old bedroom? The last time I saw him or that house was sophomore year, but we're here, right-side-down and together, just left of the ceiling fan. 
"Are you St. Peter?" 
"I'm afraid of heights."
This isn't height; it's descent. I'm sure, now. Soon the room will start to melt upwards, and I will wake in sterility sans Martin. Unless those purple-curtained windows really are the Gates. 
"Martin, If I jump out, will I fall up or down?"
"Down, into the sky."

Peer Review

From the opening, this grabbed my interest. The curious way in which it is written is intriguing!

In pretty much every line. It's almost as though I know less the more I read but in a good way!

Everywhere but not in a bad way. I was confused in an interested, happy way. I enjoyed the confusion, it ended leaving me reading it again and again as it seems almost chaotic !

This is a really interesting writing style, keep up the amazing work!

Reviewer Comments

Really fun piece that's written really well!