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ghost town

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used to have 100+ pieces on here
had an existential crisis
took all the ones from high school down
clean slate


August 15, 2019

Martin from French IV stands like a stalactite. Why are we on the ceiling of my old bedroom? The last time I saw him or that house was sophomore year, but we're here, right-side-down and together, just left of the ceiling fan. 
"Are you St. Peter?" 
"I'm afraid of heights."
This isn't height; it's descent. I'm sure, now. Soon the room will start to melt upwards, and I will wake in sterility sans Martin. Unless those purple-curtained windows really are the Gates. 
"Martin, If I jump out, will I fall up or down?"
"Down, into the sky."

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  • weirdo

    wow. i enjoyed this a bunch. a lot of power packed into a small amount of words.
    i hope you win

    15 days ago
  • PalmLeaf

    This is AMAZING! Great job!

    15 days ago
  • r|A|i|N

    i'm so glad you came back! i was wondering what happened to all of your old pieces - there's some stuff you've written i really miss. in my mind you're one of the older wtw legends, along with kaitlyn and some others. it's great to see someone come back for once. this is a great piece, by the way. a really interesting message.

    16 days ago
  • Anha

    welcome back!! your writing is stunning as always - you have a real chance of winning!

    17 days ago
  • New York_dreamer

    I love that last line! So beautiful! :)

    17 days ago
  • artificialaorta

    i’m pretty sure i just read the winning entry for this contest

    17 days ago