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first love, last love

August 7, 2019

He could not stop staring at her.

She was wearing the dress she had wanted so desperately, and he had saved up until he was able to get it for her. Her makeup was done proffesionally, and it made her look beautiful in a way he was not used to. 

He took hold of her hand, hesitantly. He traced the lines of her palm, then held on like he was never letting go.

He looked into her face for a pregnant moment, then shut the lid to the coffin. No father should ever have to attend their daughter's funeral.
For this month's competition I decided to re-work one of my earliest contributions to this site. Hope you enjoy :)


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  • The Ha

    The ending smaked me right in the face( in a good way though) haha
    I wasnt ready for this...
    LOVED the whole thing...

    29 days ago
  • bbbb

    oh no..didn't see that ending coming at all :'

    3 months ago
  • Wicked!

    Oh, this is so good :'(
    You've misspelt 'professionally' though

    11 months ago