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The Thunderous Fall

August 12, 2019

In the forest where trees fell silently, all was quiet. The birds' enigmatic melodies were muted, their beaks spilling deaf notes into the silent air; the trees and their blackened leaves were as clamorous as a garden of statues. Pure, unmitigated silence was the only sound that forest had ever known.
One evening, a tree weary with age shuddered with pain and, with a start, toppled towards the dark ground, prepared to die a silent death. The second the worn bark met the ground, however, a tumultuous crash thundered throughout the entirety of the forest, breaking the eternal silence...



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1 Comment
  • >_the stranger_<

    This entry is great. Your use of death was meaningful and I love this. All the that the story has to offer is great.

    about 1 year ago