Kylie Jump

United States

Girl in the Shadows

April 11, 2016

PROMPT: Quartet

The black clad ninja stood enveloped in the shadows. She didn’t look much like a ninja with her untamed golden curls and stormy blue eyes, but as her master said; beauty is often the disguise of death. But her master wasn’t here; He was dead. She stood listening and waiting, as armed guards clomped around, unaware that danger lurked in the shadows. Timing is everything; her master’s words rang in her ears. She had to be fast and silent if she was going to sneak in undetected and retrieve the information she needed. After the guards past her, she darted out of the shadows. Her feet barely touched the ground and she made no sound, as she past from shadow to shadow, like a graceful owl. Slipping unseen through rooms and hallways she made her way to the back of the mansion.  She stopped suddenly at a large wood door. It wasn’t the door that caught her eye, it was the large curvy symbol carved into it that made her stop. It was a symbol she knew well, it was also the same symbol branded into the inside of her forearm. She stood dazed as her life shattered around her.


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