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The difference between a hobby and a passion:
When you have a hobby, you practise when you feel like it.
When you have a passion, you practice even when you don't want to.

going for a swim

August 8, 2019

There had never been a brown boy on their streets before.

So when he ran past the million-dollar villas and the expensive sports cars along with their white teenage neighbor, they were bound to look.

As their clapping flip flops hit the asphalt, the curtains opened.

As they crossed the football field, the wives had joined their husbands.

As they took off their shirts, the whole family looked through the windows.

And as he slipped on the wooden jetty, and she cried out for help, they looked away.

There still hadn't been a brown boy on their streets.


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  • Tola the Human

    wow this is... intriguing to say the least! I'm a little confused however... does the last line imply that because the boy had fallen and possibly died then that the white rich locals simply were not acknowledging his brief interruption in their lives? I know it can be really difficult to build back story in flash fiction but perhaps a line or even a few words to indicate why the pair were running (to what, or even from what or whom..). you have striking images in there but with just a a few more hints by way of explanation and I think this could be a very powerful story!!
    Compliments from West Cork, Ireland

    11 months ago