Kylie Jump

United States


April 11, 2016

PROMPT: Open Prompt

If I’m just a waist of space
Then this wasted space will be filled with art and poetry
Cause that’s who I am and who I’m gonna be 
You tried to drag me down
To anchor me to the ground
But my dreams are built on reality
Not the fantasy of want could have been and could have be
So I’ll set myself free
Free from your chains of self-hate
If my existence is a burden
Then its weight you’ll have to bear
Cause it’s not up to you
And I ain’t going any where
If you think I’m a screw up 
Then you should just leave
Cause this is who I am
You just wait and see
One of these days your gonna regret 
not getting to know me
I’m a dandelion flower
Not a dandelion weed
I’m that obnoxious splash of yellow
On your lushes green field
I bring a sense of beauty 
That you can’t handle
If I’m a waist of your time
Then why are you still here
If you don’t want me
If you don’t need me 
Then why would I want you?
Why would I need you?
If you ain’t got the time
Then I ain’t got the time for you
If I’m a mistake 
Then I’m a work of art
Cause there’s beauty in the flaws
There’s beauty in a broken heart
I won’t poison myself with your negativity
Because I am me
I will be me 
And if you were you too 
You would see
You’re not just a blade of grass
You’re a dandelion green
Just waiting your flower to be set free


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