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the(yr’)e there

By: tzemmy

There’s a monster living under my bed. He’s friends with the one who lives in my closet. They talk about me when I’m not around, but never answer my questions. I never see them, but I know they're there. I hear their stomachs growl at night and smell their breath on my t-shirts. They eat the marbles that fall out of my head and keep me company when I cry. I know they're there.
My mother asks why I’m always up late, and I always say,
“Monsters live in my room!”
She always replies,
“Hush hush, there there.”

Message to Readers

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Peer Review

Title! Really nice!

"he's friends with the one living in my closet" smoothly introduces the character's imagination as well as the setting.

There were no parts where I didn't understand what was happening, although I do wonder if the monsters are friendly or if the child is scared of them. That isn't necessarily a bad thing to leave ambiguous though!

Keep on writing! You have created an excellent story in under 99 words!

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