'Life is too important to be taken seriously.' - Oscar Wilde

Message to Readers

I recently read 'The Great Gatsby,' and it inspired me to write this.

Singing In Paris

September 28, 2019

Paris, 1926. Such enchanted by dreams is this Paris that beneath the shadow of the universe, it glows a million and one lights. Within several caf├ęs and nightclubs bejewelled with diamantes and feathers, ladies croon French jazz to giddy people sipping cocktails. Outside, the city glitters of gold and silver sequins washing away in a downpour. The wet streets are an array of kaleidoscopes, the people along the sidewalks dotted in a shimmer.  With their umbrellas up and open, and the street lamps blurring warm against the dark, they sing their wishes the sounds of the rain.



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