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I love the stars. Writing has given me a way to express my opinions and emotions or to just relax and have fun.

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Constructive criticism is welcome and encouraged, I want to get better as a writer! Never written in this format before so it was interesting!

Bumps in the night

April 11, 2016

PROMPT: All Talk

Hey, you awake? Babe? Babe!

Huh, what? What's going on?

I think I hear something, like a scratching sound in the walls!

It's probably nothing hun, just go back to sleep alright? It's like, stupid o'clock.

You sure?

Yea! You're gonna be fi- wait what?

Oh my god there it is again, I hear giggling this time! Alex, I'm scared...

This has to be a prank! C'mon babe, jokes up!

I'm not joking, Alex.

Crap. It's getting closer! Babe, take my hand we're going to run!

Okay, oh my god I think it's chasing us! I hear footsteps!

Dive into the bathroom, I'm going to grab the gun, stay low and stay quiet!

Alex wait!






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