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This story could be a major trigger warning, it was for me and I already know how the story ends. Thank you for taking the time to read the story of how i have gained the knowledge of how the world works and how the minds of sick and not sick people work.


April 11, 2016

PROMPT: [Insert Age]

    At age 13 its supposed to be braces, funky hair colors, and middle school, but not for me, for me it's Autistic Sister, Homeschooling, and drug accusations. I guess you could say I'm not having an ordinary childhood. I was just like every other 13 year old girl who has blue eyes, blonde hair, and straight As until He happened. My biological father has decided to attempt to get full custody of my 10 year old Autistic sister, but not me. He has also caused anxiety. depression, mental abuse, and self- harm, not realizing the actual damage he has caused. Steve, my male parental unit, has Bipolar Disorder and Borderline Personality Disorder, one very bad combination especially when you aren't taking the correct pills to help with the diseases. 

    My aunts who are 19 and 21 years younger than Steve, have a deep hatred for him. Not because of how he's treating me, but for their own selfish reasons of what he did "once" when they were very young, which he denies. Yet they feel no sorrow for me at all. They feel it for themselves, not realizing what he has been doing to me for the past 13 years compared to what he may or may not have done once to them. He as never convicted and put on Megan's list, just hated by most of his family.

    To myself, being 13 is no different than being 24 in this modern era.The only difference is looks and a college degree. You see girls who are 12 having piercings when they don't even know how to fight against getting an STD, or girls having kids because they didn't know how to fend off the sick predators. To me learning how to be street smart is more important in some ways then being book smart. I used to be book smart then as Steve began to attack me more and more with his sly brain, when he is book smart, then I slowly lost all of my potential to get into Princeton, my ivy league dram since I figured out what college was. Now knowing how dangerous the world actually is and not seeing it on the blindside is more important than pi. Knowing how to do your taxes in High School is way more important than learning how to be a civil war fighter. The common sense of a girl who is 13 years old these days are slim to none.

    In the middle of this school year I dropped out of public school and started homeschooling, because of the anxiety Steve gave me. One day I was sitting in silence doing a Science test in 4th period when someone comes in saying someone needs to interview me in Student Services. So I arrive to Student Services and inside I see two police officers, saying they have received an anonymous email from a citizen that i was doing drugs with my best friend. My first thought wasn't "Oh my gosh no'" it was "This is his accusation this time" having had Steve call CPS 6 times in the same year and having to be interviewed by the nice lady in the county CPS office 6 times that same year, I was through with the interview before it even started. Steve had made accusations like this before, but towards my mom and never toward me, which hurt me. He would rather damage my beloved mother rather than someone he could hurt much less? It made no sense to me, until my therapist said "He would rather hurt you more than hurt your mom who's so strong, so he attacks you by attacking your mom" Then suddenly the whole world made sense.


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