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At first I tried, but I wasn't having fun
so I stopped trying
writing is a lot more fun when you anticipate a poor, and in turn, funny, project
ALSO my grammar succcccs, so don't expect much UwU


August 5, 2019

Sponges are known for soaking up messes…
7:80 am: parents are fighting again
12:00 am: football practice went poorly
1:30 pm: boyfriend’s sorely
“You’re an actual bloodstain.”
3:30 pm: finances are a ghost
5:00 pm: homophobic parents 
“This isn’t about you. Your parents don’t make hateful comments.
6:00 pm: didn’t get enough likes on a post 
7:00 pm: too much school work 
“I have it worse, you shouldn’t need to cry.”
The sponge works less and less every day.
much to everyone’s dismay.
I guess no one told them you have to wring sponges dry

Wh OM p
did you know that writing from the perspective of an oc REALLY helps you develop them into good characters?? This is a bad example b/c she's an edge lord, but yeah!! I've done like five of these for various oc's (not edgy like this, she's an edgy TE eN.) Her's was the shortest, so I cut it down a few lines (and also it rhymes so YEET) so now it's here. I won't win the contest, but at least some poor judge has to rate my bad poetry, and I can get some TOP NOTCH constructive criticism . Basically, I'm livin' it up here, man
ALSO if you've gotten this far, I hope your day goes swell, man

I'll probably get nervous that someone won't read the footnotes and'll assume that I'M a wanna be edge lord and take this down in an hour (I'm not edgy, just cringy///) 
Also I'm scared of someone I know seeing this and making fun of Jasmine BUT SHE DESERVES LOVE GOSH DIDDLY DARN IT


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