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Message to Readers

I pushed the word count on this, but I could use a lot of feedback before I submit it for expert review. Every little bit is helpful! Thanks.

Graceful, Elegant, Poised

August 5, 2019

    As the spotlight shined in his emerald eyes, Danny's heart raced. His vision's edges were tinted black, and his stomach churned. The jubilant piano twinkled, and Danny lifted his arms gracefully and danced across the staged. The piano crescendoed and decrescendoed, lifted delicately, perfectly as Danny moved in unison with the music. He elegantly twirled and leaped and bounded across the shined wooden stage and as the final notes twinkled from the piano, Danny's feet slid underneath him in one swift motion. The crowd applauded violently and as the curtains closed and the spotlight faded, Danny's heart raced happily.

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