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Dear Elizabeth

April 11, 2016

Dear Elizabeth Barrett Browning, 
    Durham, England seems so far away from Italy, but recently I discovered its not at all, because you are in my heart more than you are physically. Most of the time I like to think that you are coming home just tomorrow from Durham, when really you are always in my heart and forever you shall stay. Pen misses you dearly, as do I, and you telling me one of your poems nightly as you wrote them. I would have to claim that I miss you the most my dear Elizabeth. Even though your father never approved of us, I'm sure he does now from the heavens above, because he knows what beautiful of a woman you have become. 

    "The denial of contemporary genius is the rule rather than the exception" -Elizabeth Barrett Browning, I would like to say that this is me. In my current state of thought I may not be a genius, but grief is no more important to me than exception. I, Robert Browning, have said in my own poem, "For I say this death and the sole death,- When a man's loss comes from his gain", you my dear Elizabeth were my gain, and now you shall forever be my loss. The love of two poets will forever be a story of time. The loss of a loved one for many people is a burden, they have to worry about the service or what flowers to choose to bury their family with, but for me, it was how. I wanted to bury you in Florence, where you passed but i found it most appropriate to lay you down to rest where your heart always has been, Durham, your many siblings thanked me for this, and showed their complete gratitude towards myself and Pen, but throughout the whole process, I thought of you.
                                            I hope you may forever lie in peace my dear Elizabeth, 
                                                                    Your Dearest Robert
This is the "letter" that Poet Robert Browning wrote to his Dearest Elizabeth a few days after she passed. In this, Robert is taking his own advice and his late wife's advice on how,to think of and how to deal with grief.


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