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I post semi-frequently depending on when I get inspiration. I like to include a lot of imagery and sensory detail, so be prepared for that if you give my stuff a read. :P


April 11, 2016

PROMPT: [Insert Age]

    The sweet year. The year that's supposed to be happy and carefree. For a girl, it's the year you get a boyfriend, try your first drink, make a few bad decisions you can turn back to later in life and laugh. 
    For me, sixteen is stress. It's holding on to your childhood for dear life, hating that it's about to end. Sixteen is fearfully looking ahead to seventeen, when we start prepping for college. Sixteen is soaking up every relaxing moment, because it might just be the last. Sixteen is hoping for a break from the monotony of schoolwork so you can actually spend time with your friends. Sixteen is starting to break down barriers in extra-curriculars; making people notice your talents. Sixteen is expectations- those of others and those you have for yourself. Sixteen is wanting to cry when you've disappointed someone and beaming with pride when they hand you a compliment. 
    Sixteen is the gateway to adulthood, because everyone expects you to 'act your age'. Sixteen is letting go of your childhood, because you aren't a child anymore. Sixteen is the loss of innocence and the gain of responsibility. Sixteen is clutching every happy moment to your chest as you enter uncertainty. Sixteen is learning balance. Sixteen is steeling yourself before the jump. 


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