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Just A Dream

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I am a mystery even to myself.

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A dream is when when your brain spills a box of thoughts.

When you forget the dream, your brain is cleaning up.

The Grave Digger

August 13, 2019

He digs by the light of the moon, his shovel old and rusty. When morning comes, he lies in the grave and sleeps with the ghosts. 

He has been seen just once, by a little girl come to visit her father. He told her that her father misses her, that he longs for the day when they will be together again. 

And now, as he digs grave after grave and wipes his brow, he waits for the day when he will see his own daughter again, and waits for the day when he will dig a grave of his own. 

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1 Comment
  • K. Marie Christen

    Wow, this is quite good. I enjoy it. But whose father is the little girl's. is it he? I don't quite understand that part.

    12 days ago