Sarah Trieu

United Kingdom

Aspiring author! For a long time, writing has been one of my passion. I particularly enjoy writing in the genres fantasy and romance, but when it comes to reading, I love detective crime and mysteries.

Message to Readers

I hope you enjoy reading this!

Last Hope

August 10, 2019

War had torn apart our world - where the vicious fires did not scorch the dwindling trees, the people, sick with fear, waged fights over the most trivial things. Where the grand, historical buildings did not crumble, the corrupt governments ordered for the most atrocious acts.

And where hatred did not plague, there was us.

In our last moments, we withheld desperate tears and held hands tightly, smiling, as if we could keep each other safe.

And you said to me, "Maybe one day, we'll be reincarnated and live a happier life together."


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