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August 5, 2019

PROMPT: Genre Bender

Kids Now Able to "Die with Dignity" 
It has been over 100 years since the legalization of euthanasia in Canada. Since then, one billion terminally ill, disabled, and elderly persons have ended their lives this way. Now, this right has been extended to children without restrictions. This means that a child can seek medical assistance in dying without consulting his/her parents/guardians. And this has many adults and medical practitioners concerned.

Venice Sinks
It has taken centuries, but the "Floating City" is floating no more. Rising water levels have finally flooded the city, destroying buildings and killing countless people. Those fortunate to escape are now pouring into Italy, Sicily, and other nearby countries seeking asylum. Many have lost their belongings and are still searching for their loved ones, who they fear are trapped in the water.

Fire Devours Last Forest of BC
One of British Columbia's unique features is its biodiversity, from its different animals to the various climates. In particular, its forests stretching from the Central Interior up to the North. Well, now that is no longer true. The largest fire in recent months has destroyed the last forest, leaving the entire area treeless and naked. From up high, it looks like an eraser has removed every last green mark from a whiteboard. The question is: what effects will this have on the wildlife in the province?

Last Petrol Engines Released
The day that scientists and environmentalists alike predicted has arrived. As of today, the last vehicles with petrol engines have been sold. With most consumers using alternative energy and/or electric vehicles, there is little need for petrol anymore. As well, most of the roads have been given over to bicycles, pedestrians, and buses. There is no need for the highways and byways of old, clogged with traffic and engine fumes, that everyone has gotten to know and hate so well.

Immersive VR Technology Comes to Theatres
In what can only be described as a dream coming true, cinema goers can have the full experience of their favourite movies and TV series. Starting this week, special goggles will be handed out before the movie starts. When the film begins, an option is given to watch the film as is on screen (in either 3-D or 4-D) or to press a button on the goggles. When the button is pressed, the viewer will find him/herself in the film, talking to the characters on screen and taking part in the action. He/she will even be able to hear and smell things on screen. And this experience comes with little to no risks.



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  • Ruthh

    All of these are so clever and I can definitely imagine all of them happening!!!!!

    4 months ago