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The Years to Come

April 11, 2016

PROMPT: [Insert Age]


       Age. Age effects many things like health, wisdom, experience, and the body along with mind in general.  The total years of life a person has makes a enormous difference on that persons point of view about life. Over many years of living life, one learns lessons about making things better, or getting over something that should not have happened in the first place. If someone were to ask me about regretting doing something now that I did in the past, I believe I would say yes as a person of seventeen years old. If someone were to ask me again at a much older age after living for couple more decades, in my opinion I would change my answer to no. I would not regret any decisions I made as a young adult because those decisions made me who I am today.
        The young adolescent years, the years most barely remember except for key details they would most likely never forget. Big life altering occurrences at a young age can and will change someone forever, lucky for me I did not have any huge disappointing factor happen to me when I was younger. As I grew older I started thinking about my future trying to plan it out at the ripe old age of twelve. At that time I did not realize many things would happen to change my plan. When I was twelve my plans were to play sports in college and become a vet. Little did I know I would blow out my knee junior year at sixteen, and would most likely ruin my chances of playing in college like planned. Now at seventeen I have learned trying to make plans for the future is okay, but most likely will change because of occurrences I can not help. I try to think about living in the moment and not regretting going to hang out with friends and procrastinating on homework. But will the procrastination really make a difference in thirty to forty years? I have chosen to live now everyday day to day, and not plan everyday out so accordingly. Even though I love to plan and know what is going to happen next I hope to make the best out of it so when I am older I will be happy with my memories. When I get to the age of sixty-five and older I hope not to regret anything I did or anything I did not do and anything I still have yet to do.


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