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I am a fourteen year old girl who loves to write. I am mainly on Write the World for their contests, but not because I don't enjoy free-writing, just because I enjoy feeling as though I am writing with a specific goal.

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God in a Thunderstorm

August 5, 2019

never had lightning seemed so deafening. the boy trembled beneath the quilt, eyes squeezed shut. the memory of a man, holding him as thunder roared. “its god up there,” the man whispered, “moving furniture, checking lightbulbs.” the boy could almost believe in god when god was someone who had to check lightbulbs and rearrange furniture. now, only the boy, a memory, and the sound of god moving the furniture remained. but if god was close enough to be heard, couldn’t he hear the prayer of a boy clutching a memory with all his might? so why didn’t he answer?


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