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who, me? i'm just your average wild dreamer
"the more chaos reveals himself, the better my pen flows across my paper"
"love is love; sort of indescribable... you'll know it when you feel it"

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Insanity Within

August 21, 2019


If only you could see inside
The chaos in my head 
The vibrant colors in my mind
Destroy me 'til I'm dead

The constant spiraling in my heart
My brain descends to to black
I can't control the closing dark
To which my mind attacks

I'd tell you all the things I feel
What blows around my thoughts
Sometimes I don't know what is real
Or things that I forgot

If only you could see the fight
That rages deep within
I wouldn't have to bottle up
Or struggle just to win

I would love some feedback on this! :)


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