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I've been really inactive whoops, but this prompt got my brain flowing so here's an inspired piece :)

The Ocean Is Vast.

August 4, 2019

PROMPT: Lunar Phrases

She is a speck of sand by the ocean's waters.

As vast as the ocean be, she is simply 
A speck.
So big to those so small,
Yet so small to those so big,

She is merely 1 speck in billions of specks,
By the ocean's waters.

Not just made of 1 small particle,
She is beautiful in her variation.
Unique in her colour, unique in her shape,
She like the other grains of sand,
But different.

She may just be 1 speck of sand,
But she is beautiful with all her scars,
And will not be dismissed as merely,
A speck.


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