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n a n a

August 3, 2019



my grandfather had a flowing
    white beard, snowy skin, wrinkled like time stopped in a beloved book
my little hands could never reach up to
him, tall, like a lamp-post, a light house
happy sailors yearning to inch

he liked to drink his chai
    five times, like prayers, his closed eyes breathing in the scent of
those unfurled darjeeling natives
light brown and toast on
    the side.

market places and his 
    gentle voice, bargaining, firm, his topee getting caught on the
low ropes connecting the small world inside
vegetable shops, milk shops, samosa

my grandfather liked me a lot,
    the first grand-child, wrung out and tiny, like a fist
bobbing on his knee, he taught me to paint
taj mahal; we planted decades worth of seeds in
our humble back

i type and type about him, backspaces
   and misspelling "had" as "has", he "has" just
stepped out, he "has" been waiting for
me, he "has" a second-hand book he 
wants to show me,
to show me.

my grandfather had brown eyes, blue
    bleeding in, a strange concoction of pupil colors,
i could not bear to understand.
we brought the house down, we 
really did, him and i, my poor
grandfather, he "has" gone


some translations, from hindi 

nana - grandfather
chai - tea
topee - hat/cap
samosa - triangle shaped snack
lariyan - [ plural ] wooden bullock carts, usually pushed by men



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  • jaii

    so beautiful and heartbreaking. i love your descriptions and your use of italics

    almost 2 years ago
  • Anha

    this is a beautiful piece, full of love and eventual loss that left me reeling - your emotions were so real in your writing i almost cried. the cultural influences enhance your piece in a real way, and your gentle imagery serves wonders for the scenes you create with just a few words. i especially loved the line "wrinkled like time stopped in a beloved book" - i'll be adding it to my list of exceptional writing. love your work!!

    almost 2 years ago