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Female. Youngest of six. Pretty (?), sarcastic, Tom-boyish, and very much a geek.

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I guess I should say honest feedback is best but nothing crazy brutal. That said, please don't go to the other extreme and try to spare my feelings. Be descriptive and truthful because I really want to improve.

Myself: The Musical

April 27, 2014

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Hi, you can call me Ash.

What am I like? Umm....., you said you're into music, right?

You Can't Win by Kelly Clarkson. "The one who doesn't quite fit in, under-dressed, under your skin." I'm the youngest of six and each one of them excel in their different areas. The Valedictorian, Artist, Geek, Girly-Girl, and Lawyer. Instead of creating my own category, I stole a little bit of each. I'm smart, can draw well enough, have watched Terminator and Firefly, am sociable to an extent, and can come up with witty, biting comebacks to most insults. That said, I couldn't survive a week in their shoes, probably not even a day. "You try so hard but it's wearing on your heart." I've tried being the kid who doesn't get lower than a 95 on any assignment: it didn't work. I've tried playing politics: I nearly died. My dad talked to me about the basics of coding: all I understood was that computers are very mean creatures. My sister would trump me in a drawing contest blind-folded. Basically if I tried to be anyone but me, I'd be more of "a walking disaster" than I already am. Still, I have a certain charm that manages to get under certain people's skins and make me endearing.

According to You by Orianthi is a song I always sing to when it comes on. I'm painfully aware of how some people are just never going to give you a break. According to them, "I'm stupid, I'm useless, I can't do anything right." The saddest part is that some of them will be your friends. Whether it's said in "good fun" or it's just reading between the lines, I feel like it's just best to say goodbye. It's always going to be an underlying problem so just break it off. On the flip side, you'll find loyal friends who love you for who you are. Everyone "need(s) to feel appreciated," "so baby, tell me why I have to lose? He's into me for everything I'm not, according to you."

Sometimes you can have everything laid out perfectly only to find out someone else has "all the right friends in all the right places" and "all the right moves in all the right places." All you can think is "everybody knows where going" and that would be DOWN. Still, one of the lines in All the Right Moves by OneRepublic says:

I know I could never be

Someone that'll look like you.

It don't matter what you say

I know I could never fake

Someone that could sound like you.

before starting back up again with the bridge. I love those lines. Don't take their sympathy and don't try to be something you're not. Know who you are and your limits. I'm not Shakespeare, I never will be Shakespeare. But I will still keep writing and I will try my hardest to make my own name. Because after all, the world doesn't need another Shakespeare.

Wow, I sound like a cold-hearted pessimist. No wonder I'm not a social butterfly. Anyways, why don't you tell me about yourself?


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