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Hopefully you'll enjoy this Haiku I wrote, despite the brief word count;

All good things must come
To an end, no matter how
Abruptly they fin…


April 11, 2016

PROMPT: [Insert Age]

I'm closer to 20 years of age than I am to 10, yet I feel as if I have more in common with a 10 year old. I'm not sure if it's my own immaturity or that of a typical person of my age, but I definitely am at an awkward stage in my life. Not me, I'm not an awkward person, but it would appear that my age isn't quite adult, but I'm no longer allowed to be branded a child.

I suppose there are benefits to both adulthood and childhood. Adults are there own people, with their own minds, however this supposed freedom doesn't have most people feeling liberated. What, with their 9 to 5 jobs they must do and their overwhelming responsibilities for inane things such as taxes and bills. As a child I could live without a care in the world, the exams I'm currently undertaking weren't even in my line of vision. I could play all day, be friends with anyone for we didn't tend to argue, and my life wasn't all about what's to come. It was about what I wanted to do in that moment.

I fear, the older I get, the more concerned I have to be for the future. I can't stop and admire my life for just one second; I always need to plan ahead. Undeniably not everything can be done in the spur of the moment however the constant barrage of talks about University, exams, future jobs; what if I'd rather appreciate my current situation? It would appear that's not an option. Yet, at the same time, if I wanted to show my maturity or voice an opinion that is more adult, I'd be branded as 'just a kid' with no valid opinion. It's as if I'm in limbo, I need to plan my future like an adult, but my ideas are too childish. 

Children are always told they grow up too fast, but it could possibly be that adults want them to do so. Maybe they're too preoccupied with what's happening tomorrow than to focus on today and how conflicted they sound.


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