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The Lost and Found

By: Caroline Munkhdelger


I'm overwhelmed by the mountain of choices to be made, the work to be done.
To the times when I wore my hair loose and let my mind get lost.
This is a different type of lost; this lost promises being found for good.

Peer Review

I think the message of this poem sticks out to me the most. I think everyone has thought about this message at least once. Its great to see these thoughts put down in writing.

Something about this poem leaves me feeling like a child with no idea of all the challenges I'll have to face as I grow older. I think this is because is the tone of your piece and all the metaphors you used. I think all the metaphors you used in this piece were fantastic, by the way!

Reviewer Comments

I think this a very good piece of writing. I would love to see you write a short-story inspired by this poem. I feel like this poem could be so much more! I really enjoy the message of this poem, and the feeling that lingers in me after reading it.

Keep on Writing!

- Karen