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April 10, 2016

PROMPT: [Insert Age]

     Everyone looks forward to being eighteen, they get excited when they turn eighteen. But what do you really get from it. You get happy that you finish school but then you either have to work because all life depends on is Money, or you go to University for the next four years just to end up getting a job and having a fifty thousand dollar debt to pay back. 
     The pressure of life begins to catch up with you. Can't find a full time job? It's your fault. Don't have enough money to pay bills or move out of home? It's your fault. 
     When you leave school you loose touch with all your friends and you spend your days sitting in front of the Tv or at you casual job that you only work fifteen hours a week and get two hundred dollars. 
     It doesn't help you when you have all these expectations from people about how your life should be and how you should look and weigh. Not having the confidence in yourself to do all the things you want in life or to go places and meet people. 
     The expectations from the society are stupid and can crush people and their dreams and hopes for the future.   


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