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United Arab Emirates

Spinning stories from the crevices of my soul.

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the house

July 31, 2019


dig your knuckles into the salty earth 
and when you hear the dogs 
turn back to the light 
glowing light 
alive, pulsing through the windows 
as you walk to the house 

look for your mother in the shadows 
don't let them fool you 
like they fooled her 
fools with rotten teeth 
empty smiles, tying nooses
as you search the house

clutch your bone-white secrets to your chest
feel the ache of time 
slivers of time 
ribbons, confetti snowflakes spiralling 
around your lone figure 
as you sit in the house 

let the sobs break your ribs 
bask in the emotion 
fiery emotion 
burning with regret, love and fear 
feel it in your veins 
as you accept what happened in the house

and finally, 
you go 
And yet another poem inspired by the Haunting of Hill House!!


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