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By: tashathone8

PROMPT: [Insert Age]

    When I was younger, before becoming a teenager, there has always been a certain age that I knew would just change my life. I always thought that becoming a teenager would be the best time of my life, but I was so wrong. The age I was waiting my whole life for was 16, but why? Well, in Minnesota, the age to get your permit is at age 15, and the age to get your license is 16. Even though I didn't own my own vehicle at age 16, and I still don't at age 17, it meant that I had so much freedom coming my way. 
    I finally reached 16 in the summer and realized how my life was going to change once I passed my drivers test and received my license. I no longer had to ask my mother or father for a ride to school, a ride to one of my friends' house, either in town or out of town. This meant that I didn't have to stay home twenty four seven like I used to, I could just even cruise around town with my friends if I wanted to. It was a huge deal because I was the oldest one out of my group of friends. Along with all this freedom that came to me all at once, there were also so many responsibilities I had. Paying for my own gas, asking my parents for a vehicle before I drove somewhere, and being home at certain times. The early age of 16 will always be one of the most important years of my life.

Peer Review

There was a certain age that you always looked forward to

To me, it's a wake up call.
With age comes responsibility.

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