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Writer. Reader. Sports Girl. Fangirl.

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Hi, I'm Katie.
I'm 16 years old and a 110% fangirl. I'm also a sports girl doing football, netball, rounders etc. every week.
The job I will pursue, once I leave school, is a car engineer; however I dream to become an Author. I'll always write, I'll never stop writing. It's my dream to publish.

0-9 Life

April 10, 2016


0, the number of secrets I have told.

1, the number of people
I trust.

2, the number of siblings I love and have that I never want to lose. 

3, the number of angels I have lost.

4, the age when I learned to dream.

5, the number of dreams I wish could be reality. 

6, the age diabetes named itself apart of me.

7, the numberless times I've wanted to talk but decided it's best to help myself.

8, the age I found Harry Potter and years later I have learned the many stories inside that make me except me.

9, the age when life was simpler.


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