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Your Illusion

January 28, 2020


Drown in your illusion of grandeur.

Choke on your boastful words,
full of high hopes and dreams.
How beautiful...

Sink into the mountains of gold.
That's where you'll be buried. 
All alone.

You created this stage, full of mystical wonders, but where is it in reality?
You can play and play all day,
 but there is work to be done.
You shrug off all your cares, and where has that gotten you?

Life vests aren't forever,
Someday you won't have one,
How will you stay afloat? 

I see you cough and choke on the water as the waves crash down. 
I'm too far away to rescue you.
You're a big boy now.

Drown in your illusion of grandeur.
We all applaud as the curtains draw a close.
Life vests don't last forever. 


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