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"I haven't failed. I've just found 10, 000 ways to do it wrong."

~ Benjamin Franklin

A Summer Cabin #Home Contest

July 27, 2019


A Summer Cabin
This dusty glass of mine, spills light,
Upon these wood walls that ignite,
A sense of peace within my home,
As I sit with my pen and write.
Soft, dappled apples droop low down,
And lovely trees are turning brown,
Oh, in the breeze a waft of roses,
Drapes me in a summer gown.
Above me, is an endless sky,
Filled with the birds, that flit and fly,
Like scattered papers, on the wind,
They flutter, flutter ever high.
From here I see my friend, the wood,
She sways beneath a yellow hood,
Such wisdom would she utter now,
If words were something understood.
A ribboned path curls deep and wide,
Come in, it whispers, Come inside,
And share your troubles with the trees,
For in their trunks, deep secrets hide.
There far away, strong mountains stand,
Such loyal guardians, so grand,
How long a-bearing have they wandered,
High above this busy land?
Oh, days are passing, clocks are turning,
And the sun’s still brightly burning,
Summer’s ending, snow is coming,
Winds are setting leaves a-churning.
I smile, for time is still awake,
I breathe, a breath of hope I take,
And sitting in this patch of sun,
Old memories within me quake.

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