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My life is a mix of reading, procrastination, writing, more procrastination, and sometimes; occasionally, schoolwork. I love to write and I started writing because it helped me when I was upset. Wow; that sounds cliche, but oh well - it's true!

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I hope right now you are smiling. If you're not, go write! It will help, I promise. If you can't write, then read. Read anything. If you can't read, then just smile and laugh. Even if it feels fake, it will begin to feel real. Life is too short to be unhappy!

True Sadness

April 10, 2016

PROMPT: Open Prompt

She steps on the scales
She looks in the mirror
She hates what she sees
She frowns, she cries
She looks

Refuses the trays of food
Her mother leaves by her door
Steps on the scales yet again
Scrutinises herself in the mirror
It isn't enough
Nothing is ever enough.

Slowly she fades
Sadder and sadder
Her soul becomes
She is almost gone

Her bones protrude out of her skin at strange, unnatural angles
Her skin is as thin as paper
Pale as the first snowflake in winter
The last thing she remembers is crumbling down
Falling in front of her mirror
Tears flooding out of her eyes

Lights blinking
Machines whirring
A tube is attached to her arm
She doesn't understand
Crisp white sheets force her to stay in bed
When she tries to move, she realises she doesn't have the strength to
Even if she wanted to
She is surrounded by people
Their kind faces and sympathetic smiles
Directed towards her mother 
Makes her want to scream
She doesn't want pity

She tries to recover
She tries
Really, she does

But she gets worse
She refuses her food 
Stares into the small mirror above the sink in her small bathroom
When she is weighed, she notices the scales
Takes note of her weight
It is never enough
Never enough

Months pass
Her mother's face is drawn and grey
She looks much older than her years
Sadness is the normal for both of them
She slips
She falls
Slowly, she fades
She fades
She fades
She's gone

Death is a relief
A welcome relief
She feels no pain when she passes
But she doesn't realise the pain she is bringing others
She is gone.


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